Eat at Steamboat Subs

25 Feb

I’m on a little bit of a diet, which has me for the most part refraining from delicious things like bread and cheese and meat (except on the weekends.  or when hanging out with friends. or when i’m in a really bad mood. ok, it’s flexible), so of course I’ve been spending my days thinking about all the things I’d love to be eating.  The winner for the most ‘most frequently pops into my mind’ category is the turkey sub from Steamboat Sandwiches on North Central. Honestly, I’m not even a huge sub fan, but their bread, which they make in-house daily, is light and flavorful and perfect for a sub.  They describe their ‘exciter sauce’ as “a mild hot sauce that is like eating in technicolor.” What does that mean??  I don’t care- it’s delicious:


The quirky “Roy Orbison” dining room houses several table named after a smattering of random celebrities.  The walls are hidden behind an impressive and varying collection of photos.  It’s a funky little place with excellent food and were I not on this effing diet, I’d be there for lunch today.


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