Knox Event: Hoppy’s Trunk

13 Mar

Sometimes when I’m not at work I go to a building downtown and put on clothes that aren’t mine and pretend like I’m someone else and say words that I memorized from a book someone gave me and other people do the same thing and we pretend to talk to each other and care about each other.  Then, for a few weeks in a row, we invite people into the building to watch us play dress-up and make-believe.  Then I get paid.

Tonight is the opening of Hoppy’s Trunk, part of Tennessee Stage Company’s New Play Festival,”a cross between Arsenic and Old Lace and Reefer Madness.” Which is to say it’s pretty corny and involves marijuana. Here’s a description:

Set in a small town in middle America in the 1930’s, two respectable ladies of the town like to enjoy a cigarette occasionally in the privacy of their homes. When the ne’er do well nephew of one of the ladies comes through town from California they are only too happy to host the nephew and his traveling companion – Hoppy – and his extremely large trunk. Soon the ladies realize that Hoppy’s cigarette’s have a very different aroma than their own and they wonder if they might just try one….

Supporting local theatre and the creation of new plays is great, but here’s the real reason you should come- yesterday at dress rehearsal, I ran into a table, knocking it over, along with the phone that was gently placed atop it. By accident. If you’re lucky, you might be able to see me slam into a wall or trip over a couch…


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