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Children Singing

30 Apr

Yesterday my good friend Cassie posted the following video on Facebook.  I’ve had a stressful week and so maybe was feeling a little more emotional than usual and this clip just about made me cry.  And as Cassie points out, it doesn’t even matter that they’re singing a Coldplay song.  They’re that good.


Naturally, the delightfulness of this little clip prompted a full-on, hour-long search for the best clips of children singing on the youtubes.  In real life, I can give or take children.  When they’re singing on the internet, I find myself bizarrely entranced. Here is what I came up with:

Someone dance with the girl already!


Oh jeez. Too cute.


Everytime I hear children with British accents, the first thing I always think to myself is, “Wow, that kid is REALLY good at doing a British accent!”  Then I realize the child is actually British. 


Oh man.  Ellen. Adorable girl. Adorable little coughs. Songs about geography. These are a few of my favorite things.



29 Apr

I’m sure many of you have already heard of FAIL Blog, but I was completely ignorant of it until a few weeks ago when my good friend Lorin told me to take a peek.  Take a look at this smattering of life’s little failures.  Here are some of my favorites:

Going Green Fail


Label Fail

Label Fail


Crossing Guard Fail

Crossing Guard Fail

Art Opening

27 Apr

Knoxvillians- if you’re planning on hitting the First Friday circuit this week, stop by the Midtown Art Center at 513 Cooper Street (near the Old Gray Cemetery, on the corner of 5th and Cooper under the interstate).  It’s a cool space that up until this Friday has been used primarily as a concert space for punk rock bands, but the owners are trying to expand the place to become an art center and get on the First Friday map.  Plus, you can see some pretty things I made hanging on the wall as part of their art show (art show will be 5 – 9 pm, music from 9 – 11). If nothing else, go for the free wine.


Here’s a mini blurb about it in the News-Sentinel, and here’s info straight from the curator:

What: Punk Rock Art Show

When: Fri. May 1st 
art gallery from 5-9 PM (free admission)
live music from 9-11PM ($5 cover–show is all ages)
JB and the Superjerks, a punk rock band from Cookeville, will be headlining

Where: Midtown Art Center
513 Cooper St. Knoxville 37917
located at the corner of 5th Ave. and Cooper St. 

Why: because art and music rock!!!

Artwork will include: paintings, drawings, stencil art, and a living sculpture! Artwork is for sale at reasonable prices.

L My Life

23 Apr

A few months ago I told you about, the website that lets us all wallow in the misery of others.  Well, if you’re feeling a little gross about your schadenfreude, I have just the antidote:, fmylife’s happier, slightly less funny cousin.  Give it a look and share in the joys of others (some of these joys are not pure, stealing things apparently induces self-love for much of the lmylife submitting population).  Here are some gems:

Today, I came to my car to see it has been hit by someone, who apparently rushed to get away from the scene. In his haste, he failed to notice his license plate had fallen off.

Last weekend when I was doing a DJ gig at the cocktail bar where I am one of the residents an old couple came in. They looked like really adorable grandparents, all white hair and friendly eyes. I had just gotten into the faster tunes and put on “Lovemachine” remixed by the Discoboys. Next was some Miss Kittin & the Hacker stuff. And they LOVED it. The came over to tell me how much they liked the music and how they enjoyed the set I was playing. They were so cute I smiled all night.

So two days ago I was walking home from work past a basketball court where some guys were playing a game. The ball got away from them and bounced towards me and I caught it. They signaled to throw it back and I just chucked it in their general direction but it totally went right in the basket! I totally suck at sports but those guys think I am a complete baller now.

Weather Report

22 Apr

Perhaps this isn’t the most sophisticated parody of the National Organization for Marriage’s ridiculous Religious Liberty Campaign PSA, but it makes me giggle.  Created by yours truly:

If this one doesn’t do it for you, there are plenty others to choose from:

Mock Auditions: 

Colbert Report:


And this Funny or Die video, featuring Lance Bass, Alicia Silverstone, and Jane Lynch.

An Old Favorite

21 Apr

Today I’m sharing with you something from the Mackey Archives. I made this little gem as I was learning how to use the green screen at the CTV studios.  The video quality is horrible, but I think all the main points come across.  Enjoy.

Cooler and More Talented Than I Am

20 Apr

This week’s edition: Peter Funch.  He’s a photographer in New York and his most recent collection, Babel Tales, is a series of photo collages of city scenes.  He’ll take several pictures of people in the same space at different times and splice them together, making strange and interesting scenarios.  Some of the resulting scenes are clearly out of the ordinary, but some are subtle enough that you might not even notice there was anything strange going on if you weren’t paying attention.  The whole set is viewable here.  Here are a few of my favorites:


Thanks Lorin!