12 Jun

Lately, I’ve been trying to do something new every day.  Yesterday I ate lunch outside in a small cemetery near my office.  The day before I went to a friend’s house I’d never been to before. And today? Today I posted my first serious comment on a news blog.  Now, I’ve commented on friends’ blogs before, but they’ve always been flippant and funny little quips, never anything that would betray an actual arguable opinion.  I’ve always felt comments are kind of an odd way to express yourself. Isn’t it weird to just type out what you think, press send, and release your thoughts into the wild cyber yonder?  And I’ve just always thought there’s a certain type of person that leaves comments on blogs, ESPECIALLY news blogs.  The stereotype of this person in mind is arrogant, nosy, and highly opinionated without much information to back their obnoxious up.  

But today, I decided to try something new.  I decided to challenge my own stereotype (which I do realize is a gross generalization. My best friend comments on blogs all the time, I swear) and leave a little comment of my own.  And here’s the thing.  I don’t really know a lot about the subject I commented on, nor did I site any outside information in backing up my opinion.  And actually, reading my comment again, I didn’t even write what was really pissing me off.  But still.  Something new.

For those of you interested, particularly Knoxvillians, this is the story that inspired my virtual feedback. Basically there’s this restaurant opening up just blocks from my house and it looks ADORABLE.  The proprietor is a friend of a friend and the food sounds delicious:


photo from metropulse blog

photo from metropulse blog


 But it’s been “opening” for months now, stalled by a dispute between the restaraunteur and her landlord, who I’ve heard through the grapevine can be a difficult man to deal with.  Now, I really don’t mean to publicly slander anyone’s name.  And like all the commenters I’ve criticized in the past, I really have no real evidence that he’s not in the right in this little dispute.  My comment betrays a sense of morality (“shame on him”) and blind finger pointing (“that’s a monopoly”) when in reality I’m just pissed because I am a community member that wants something in the community, a place to eat well and hang out, a place in which I would happily spend my dollars, a place open later than 7 pm that isn’t a dive bar.  I want it and I feel is being kept from me. And I’m annoyed.  But I think I psyched myself out with my preconceptions of blogosphere comments.  Anyway. It was worth a shot.


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