Have Post-Its, Will Doodle.

16 Jun

If you, like me, wish you had more time and motivation to pursue artistic and creative projects but find yourself constantly sidetracked with chores, sleep and you numerous social obligations (that’s right, I’d love to make more art, but I’m just sooooo popular), I have a suggestion for you: one minute drawings.


All you need for this minute little endeavor is a writing utensil, a drawing surface (preferably mini post-its), and a watch, clock or timer.  Here’s what you do: choose something to draw and draw for one minute only. When the minute is over, stop drawing. If you wish, choose something else to draw and repeat. This can be done indefinitely.  What I love about this is that it takes no time, no investment, and there’s no excuse not to make several little drawings a day.  


Sure these drawings are small, often incomplete, and in my case, poorly rendered.  But they’re little pictures of the things I look at every day and while they may not be impressive on their own, if I can do twelve a day, they make for a nice little page in my journal.

They make for a nice break if you’re stressed, a little reward for finishing a task, or a good way to veg out at the end of a day. Try it, kids, you just might like it.


One Response to “Have Post-Its, Will Doodle.”

  1. Michael June 16, 2009 at 1:08 pm #

    “(that’s right, I’d love to make more art, but I’m just sooooo popular)”

    Shit. What’s that say that not only do I have time to make art but I also pay monthly rent on a studio!?!?!?

    Nice post-it drawings btw. The post-it is the artist daylighting-as-an-office-lackey’s suicide prevention hotline….

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