A Rose is a Book

22 Jun

During the weekend July 10, Chrystal Wallace, an excellent teacher, wonderful cook and great friend will soon be marrying Michael Giles, a talented painter, smooth dancer and formidable fashionista.  Chrystal, an English teacher, is by no surprise a bibliophile (when I first typed this, I wrote “bookophile” and then thought, “hmm… that doesn’t sound right”) and so I endeavored to make her a wedding bouquet of book pages.  The result is different than I’d expected and it’s certainly not perfect, but it’s not bad for trying to create a bouquet out of books and pipe cleaners with no assistance other than a semi-applicable instructional youtube video here or there.

Step 1: I painted the pages pink, as the wedding colors are pink and green. 

DSC01671Then I laid them out to dry:


Step 2: Once dry, I took batches of two book pages and cut them in half (making 4 petal sheets, the ideal number for each blossom.  I then folded the sheets in half, cut them into petal-like shapes, and folded them like an accordion to give them a little texture.


Step 3: I arranged the four petal sheets on top of one another and snipped two holes in the center.  I then stuck a pipe cleaner through these two holds and twisted it just below the blossom to secure it.


Step 4: Next, I took a small piece of lime green duct tape (oh, how I love colored duct tape) and wrapped it around the very base of the blossom to hold its shape. Flower complete.


Step 5: Once I had all my flowers complete, I arranged them as I pleased (this was difficult. pipe cleaner flowers are far more flimsy than real ones) wrapped some green duct tape around the stems to secure them, and then wrapped the entire group of stems with a green ribbon, which I sewed (despite my dire lack of sewing skills) in place.  Finally, I tied a bow with the large green ribbon around the stems, and then sewed a green bejeweled button onto the center of the bow.  There are no pictures of this process, as I found it too tedious and frustrating to chronicle, but here is the finished product:

DSC01686Happy Nuptuals, C&M.

Photo 26



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