Fruit and Labor

30 Jun

I have something kind of shocking to tell you.  If you dig holes in the ground and drop seeds inside, things will pop out of the ground for you to eat.  All you have to do is pour some water over the hole once in a while and make sure the sun is shining on it.  I’m not kidding.  I know it sounds fake, but it’s totally true.  I tried it.

My mom always had a garden when I was a kid, but two things have always stopped me from having one of my own:

1) I have been too transient in my young adulthood to actually commit to staying in one place long enough to cultivate a garden.

2) Part of me doesn’t actually believe it will work.

Having, for the moment, found myself fairly settled here in Knoxville, Shawn and I decided to put number two to the test.  Turns out, it actually works. Here’s proof:


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