Dbay Vol I: Books

2 Jul

I have a great fondness for paper with writing on it, bound up in chronological order for ease of reading and transport.  This is called a book.  Over the years, I’ve accumulated quite a few books.  I try not to hold onto books I won’t read again- I give away novels to friends, donate old textbooks I’m sure I’ll never read again, and try to keep only those books that are so beloved and so useful to me that I can’t bear to part with them.  Usually, though, I’m not that good at this.

I’m in the process of moving from a house with ample bookshelves to a house where I now must share shelf space with another person, arguably even more pack-ratty than myself.  So as I was packing up my books, I REALLY tried to only keep the books I REALLY wanted or needed.  I went through about a hundred books or more, I’d say. And you know how many I deemed unnecessary?  Sixteen.  That’s it.  And worse off, once I started listing the titles of the books I wanted to give away, I started thinking how I wanted to re-read them, that I really ought to revisit the Buber and Vatimo I read for my religious studies classes in college, that I was due for some theological pondering. 

But I will be strong.  Here, I list for you, the weakest sixteen links in my bookcase, hoping some of you will step up to claim them so I don’t crack and decide they’re necessary for my existence.  Titles below.  And check out my Take My Stuff  page to see if anything else strikes your fancy.

DSC01750From Top to Bottom:

365 Energy Boosters

That’s Not What I Meant


Gender Vertigo

The Secret Garden (bound script)

Eclipse of God

Christ on Trial

Das Niebelungenlied part 1 AND 2

The Crucible (bound script)

Hamlet (bound book)

By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept

Making Choices for Multicultural Education

The English Language, An Owner’s Manual

Culinary Institute Encyclopedic Cookbook (from 1920’s, I think)

Holidays and Festivals Index


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