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More Antlers

27 Aug

A little eye candy before I head to Edisto Island, South Carolina for the weekend.



And a little round-up of blogs featuring stuff I’ve done lately:

As usual, photos by the talented and dashing Shawn Poynter.


Check out GladeMade’s Blog

26 Aug

Not only does she make great things, endeavor to turn her garage into an artist studio, and post fabulous etsy crafts, she just wrote about me!  


Check her out.

Cowboy Art

25 Aug

My latest dictionary drawing piece, commissioned by my good friend Kate.  She wanted a cowboy theme and this is what I was able to do for her.  I love doing custom pieces. HINT HINT.


Two People That Are Cooler and Smarter Than I Am

24 Aug

Lenka Clayton and Michael Crowe, creators of the awesome Mysterious Letters project.  They had a simple idea and followed it through beautifully:

“In April 2009, we sent a personal, handwritten letter to each of the 467 households in the small Irish village of Cushendall. We hoped these unsolicited letters would prompt neighbourly discussion, spreading across the town, promoting community curiosity.”

Not only does the idea of writing letters to total strangers in a small town strike my whimsical romantic fancy, the letters themselves are gorgeous.  Take a look:


Frame Some Antlers

20 Aug

Cost: $20 – $50, depending on how much you want to do yourself.

Time: 10 minutes – three hours

Materials: Wood Plaque, paint, antlers, hot or gorilla glue OR drill and screws

Not sure if you’re aware, but Shawn Poynter is pretty great.  Some of his talents include: photography, karaoke (he’s particularly good at “Bust A Move”), tomato growing, cornbread making, drawing fishing lures, and most recently, co-creating beautiful antler art.


 Shawn found a pair of baby antlers at an antique store in Clinton, TN and asked if I’d make a frame for him to mount them on. Brilliant! (Disclaimer: I don’t support killing animals, baby or otherwise, in order to steal their antlers for decorative purposes.  The deer attached to these antlers was long dead by the time we stumbled upon them). Yesterday I told you how to make your own Faux Frame. Today I tell you how to glue antlers onto it.  Actually, I probably don’t need to tell you how.  Really, you just take the antlers and hot or gorilla glue them to the plaque. If they’re slightly bigger, it would probably be smarter to drill a small hole and screw the antlers into the wood. If all this seems like too much work for you, head to my Etsy shop, where I’ll soon be posting a series of these mounted antlers, or contact me directly at

Go to Hodskin’s Drug Store

20 Aug

Cost: $10 max (not including gas to get there)

Time: 40 minute drive from Knoxville

Before this past weekend, I’d never been to Clinton, TN. After spending time there last Saturday, we’ve already made plans to return tomorrow.  I’m a sucker for small towns with cute downtown areas, and Clinton is definitely one of these.  The downtown main street has more antique stores per block than I’ve ever seen, and while there’s not a whole lot else around, there are a few eateries and a little movie theatre to round out the adorable small town feel.  We went to a small cafe a one shop owner recommended to us for lunch, but the real trip came on the way home, when we spotted the Hoskins Reskall Drug Store and Soda Shoppe.

Hoskins Restaurant and Drugstore

Hoskins Restaurant and Drugstore

We didn’t have much in the way of time or hunger, so I just got a strawberry coke.  When I was asked if I wanted real strawberries in my coke, I knew I was in the right place.  They offer a full range of ice-cream, shakes and other soda shoppe delights, plus heartier Southern Diner-type meals and snacks.


Not sure what this machine does.




Strawberry Coke

Strawberry Coke


Make a Faux Frame

19 Aug

Cost: $10 (includes all materials)

Time: About an hour total

Materials: Wood shape, paint, paint pen, brush.

Today I happily report my newest series- faux frames.  I’m kind of in love with these and so it pains me just a little that they’re up for sale on Etsy.  I put three up this week, but one’s already sold.  I’ll be adding bunches more in the next couple of days, though.  Please do check them out, or contact me directly if you’d like your very own custom frame.  The frame below was a custom order created for a friend of mine.

Step 1) Start with a piece of wood.  You can buy unpainted wood shapes of varying sizes at most craft stores for pretty cheap.  Paint that wood a solid color using any acrylic craft paint.  I usually buy FolkArt brand paint- it’s cheap, widely available, and does the job. I used “metallic red” on this frame.

Step 2) After the wood has dried, find an image of an ornate frame that’s similar to the shape of the wood you have. In pencil, lightly trace the outline onto your painted wood.


Step 3) Fill in the outlined frame shape with a different color paint.  I always use gold, yellow, or orange, but you can use any color, as long as it’s light enough for black to stand out against it.


Step 4) Using the picture and/or your own imagination, lightly draw scrolls, leaves, and other lines to create an ornate design. Go over your design with a black opaque paint marker.




Step 5) If you want to hang the piece, you can buy small hooks to attach twine or wire to the top or back of the frame.  You can display the frame as is, or pin or mount a picture onto the wood.

Stay tuned next time for ANTLER FRAMES. They’re kind of great.