Perk Up A Blank Wall

5 Aug

Cost: less than $2

Time: 20 minutes

Materials: computer, printer, digital image file, scotch and mounting tape

Vast expanses of blank wall can be very intimidating for the average home decorator.  I know they are for me.  Small pieces of art looked midgety and strange against such a massive open space and big pieces of art are often expensive.  Until you can afford a hulking masterpiece, try using Rasterbator, a website that lets you upload an image, choose a color scheme and size, then print out a rasterized (pixilated, but with varying sizes of dots) image that you can then tape together and hang on your wall:


Rasterized Unicorn.

Rasterized Unicorn.

As long as you have access to a printer and tape, you’d be crazy NOT to do this.


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