Welcome A Guest

10 Aug

Cost: $2-20

Time: Half an hour including shopping

Materias: File folder, printer, computer, card, small gifts

I love when friends come to visit.  And while I don’t have a plush guest room for my visitors, I do my best to make sure the time they log on my air mattress is pleasant and welcoming.  One thing I like to do is make a little welcome gift they’ll see when you show them where they’ll be staying.  Here’s what I did for my most recent visitor:

1) Start with an airbed made up with clean and bright bedding.  


Step 2) Print out a map of the city and highlight places your guest might like to visit.  Also, print out directions to places your guest might like to visit.  You can also include things like brochures for local attractions, schedules for local yoga classes, menus for nearby restaurants, etc.  This is especially helpful if your guest is going to be spending time alone while you’re at work.

DSC01996Step 3) Include something unique to the town in which you live- favorite local snacks or food, clothing, a gift from a popular local shop.  

DSC019973) Add something travel related- snacks for the plane, a mix CD for the car ride home, something to make the ride home more enjoyable.  They’ll need it, as they’ll be so distraught over leaving your side.

DSC01995Step 4) Add a little card or note and arrange it on the bed (or couch) they’ll be sleeping on. Yay!


Some other things I do to make sure my visitors stay happy (’cause there’s nothing worse than a bitchy visitor):

  • To make guests feel welcome, I make sure to take into account their food preferences/restrictions and have some tasty delights on hand as they’ll likely be hungry after their drive/flight.  
  • I always make sure the towels/toiletries are in an easy to find place or that I set them out for my guests (nothing ruins a trip like  being left dripping and naked like a poor sad mole rat without a towel).  
  • I also like to keep novels I’ve finished (and don’t want to keep) in a basket I put out for guests so they have something to read.

2 Responses to “Welcome A Guest”

  1. Michael August 10, 2009 at 5:29 pm #

    Awww! I wish I didn’t live here so I could go and visit you!

  2. Lorin D August 12, 2009 at 6:11 am #

    I can vouch for Ms Mackey’s expertise in this area. You only forgot one thing: write “Welcome Lorin” in big block letters on the super cool chalkboard table by the front door. That’s very important.

    Oh, and have a charming southern boyfriend to entertain your guest while you’re off being in plays and things.

    Lovely to see you, my dear.

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