Buy Chalkboard Paint

12 Aug

Cost: Around $15 for one quart

Time: An hour or two

Materials: paint, brushes, drop cloth, and something to paint

Last summer I found myself buying a lot of furniture on Craigslist.  I’d just moved into a new house and for the first time in my life didn’t have to cram all of my belongings into a teeny tiny space.  On the contrary, I had space that needed filling.  I ended up buying a lot of old furniture and repainting it, which was cheap and easy and often produced pretty decent results.  Probably my favorite furniture painting endeavor is my chalkboard table.  I highly recommend you take a piece of furniture or patch of wall in your place and chalkboard paint it.  I’d provide instructions, but really, you just paint.  You don’t even need primer since the paint is so dark, but I do recommend two coats.  Also, make sure to have chalk handy and visible so people aren’t shy about writing all over your chalkboard furniture.


Notice the container of chalk so guests feel free to write.

That’s it. Now you have an every changing area of your home for you and your guests to make lists, greetings, and doodles.  I love when people come stay at my house and leave behind a chalkboard mural.  




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