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Draw Something Every Day

30 Sep

Cost: Nothing

Time: 5 minutes each day

Materials:  Monthly calendar, pens


If you know me, it’s no secret I’m a lover of ritual and habit.  Something about predictable and recurring events makes me feel all cozy and happy and stable.  One of my most recent daily rituals has been drawing a small picture each day in the box corresponding to the current day on my desk calendar.  Because I’m at work, most of my drawings are of pens, keys, headphones and stacks of paper, which are perhaps a little dull individually, but look pretty neat come the last day of the month.  I highly suggest making your calendar into something a little more exciting.  Starting tomorrow, I’m going to change it up a little and write a haiku in every box.  Because we all know there aren’t enough haikus in the world. 

Photo 4


More Dictionary Drawings

29 Sep

Cute drawings and pretty frames.  Surprise.  Thanks, as always, to my sweetheart Shawn Poynter for lending his superb photography skills.




Check Out Steph Untz’s Art

28 Sep

Steph Untz is studying painting at the University of Tennessee here in Knoxville and her work is amazing.  Her most recent show,  I Say Too Much, featured paintings of Steph’s friends and family in various states of variation on their appearances (such as differing hairstyles) or facial distortion.  See the images from this show below and be sure to check out her website.


the lovely artist with a self-portrait

the lovely artist with a self-portrait

19 Things To Do This Fall

25 Sep

Here’s my list of fall-specific things I’d like to do this year.  I’ll keep y’all posted (I know you won’t be able to sleep until I’ve completed the list) as I work on checking some of these items off.

  1. Finish knitting the scarf I started when I was still in college.
  2. Pick apples. Bake a pie or crumble.
  3. Write a poem about fall that doesn’t make me want to puke.
  4. Decoupage a pumpkin.
  5. Have a fancy fall dinner with friends.
  6. Go for walks. Actually look at the leaves changing.
  7. Make soup.
  8. Play board games.
  9. Two words: fall camping.
  10. Play hooky from work one day, order Chinese food, watch movies and spend the day snuggling with my sweetheart (unless you’re my boss or coworker, in which case I’m kidding).
  11. Learn to play a song on my harp.
  12. Build a fire in our backyard fire pit.
  13. Have a fall picnic.
  14. Sit on the porch with cider or hot toddies.
  15. Go for a fall hike in the smokies.
  16. Create a fall-themed cocktail.
  17. Do a fall photoshoot with Shawn.
  18. Play badminton before it’s too cold.
  19. Eat figs.

Custom Order a Frame

24 Sep

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on a frame kick lately.  It seems like everything I’ve been making revolves around ornate frames in some way.  Well, friends, my newest prints are no exception.  I’m trying something a little different with them.  I’ve made a basic frame design into which I can print exactly 50 unique combinations of images and phrases, all of which can be done in basically any color or combination of colors imaginable.  It’s all about customization baby.  Below are the different options and some examples of combinations one could put together.  If you’re interested in your own, let me know or check out my Etsy Store, where custom or pre-made prints are available.


Sample Combinations










Make People Happy

23 Sep

Cost: $5

Time: 1 hour

Materials: Printer or markers, paper, tape, paint/spray paint


My good friend Matt needed something to distract him and keep him busy while he was quitting smoking.  Some people might play video games or go to the movies, but Matt’s a special guy.  Matt made a giant poster that consisted of 112 sheets of paper featuring some of the most beloved characters from early 90’s sitcoms and the words “We Love You.”  He hung the poster above the entrance to his school’s food court and doubtlessly brightened countless people’s day.  His next project?  A 20×20 Patrick Swayze memorial.  I’m inspired to make my own guerilla happy poster and hang it in Knoxville.

Person For Scale

Person For Scale

Completed Poster

Completed Poster


Hanging Poster

Hanging Poster

Michael Giles’ Educational Sketchbook

22 Sep

Journal voyeurism strikes back with beautiful spreads from a sketchbook Michael Giles used as an example for an art class he was teaching.  Michael’s an excellent artist and funny dude whose thoughts and work you can see online here and here.  Below are his words and images.  Don’t forget to check out the journal gallery and keep sending me your stuff.

Off and on I’ve kept a sketchbook. I kept one for several years during undergrad and I always felt that it was a central aspect of my art-making. For some reason, that is still unknown to me, I stopped regularly working in a sketchbook. I still felt it as a compulsion and would regularly purchase new sketchbooks, draw into 5 or so pages and put them aside. I have dozens of unfinished, nearly new books lying everywhere! But for some reason I couldn’t dedicate myself to working in them.


When I began teaching drawing classes I made working in a sketchbook a mandatory part of the course. I explained to the students that it only takes a few minutes each day to work in them and that getting into the practice of everyday drawing was an imperative part of learning to draw. Yeah, I was being completely hypocritical. And the more I tried to explain to my students the value of the sketchbook, the more I sounded like a complete prat. I had no recent, hands on experience with what I wanted them to do. So I did what I had to do the following semester; I kept a sketchbook along with my class.


The images I have included for you are from that sketchbook that I kept with my drawing class. I was trying to inspire them and let them see all the possibilities available to them. I wanted to make my pages and images to combine with one another, to fight one another, to enhance one another, to destroy one another. I wanted dynamism and energy and the kind of honesty that comes when you stop thinking. I chose images that combined the entire expanse of both pages to show you, because I feel that those have a certain quality of completion that I find very interesting upon looking back at these pages for the first time in two years.


I still don’t keep a sketchbook, though there are several blank and nearly blank books sitting just over there….