Enjoy First Friday

2 Sep

Cost: Free!

Knoxvillians- you’d be well advised to attend the following First Friday events this week.  Both these dudes are swell guys and talented artists.

1) Brian Wagner’s Sound Booth at the Emporium. Straight from Brian’s mouth (OK, website):

welcome to sound booth creative—a progressive creative ongoing collective, working to interlace visuals and audibles into original art.

please come to my upcoming show, which opens sept. 4th from 5-9 at the emporium [100 s. gay st., knoxville, tn 37902]. current work encompasses a series of musician portraits, photographed in a photo booth and later transfered to canvas as oversized black and white original prints.”


By Brian Wagner

By Brian Wagner

2) The Worst of Daniel Maw at Lox Salon. Daniel makes some pretty pictures.  Take a look at them at Lox. 

by Daniel Maw

by Daniel Maw


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