Send Me Pictures of Your Journals and Sketchbooks

8 Sep

I love looking at date books, journal entries and artists’ sketchbooks.  It’s voyeuristic, beautiful, an fascinating to look at how others organize their time and ideas.  Lately I’ve been looking through old journals of mine and finding interesting things that keep coming up (like, uh… feet).

If you keep a journal or sketchbook and are inclined to whip out the old scanner or camera to take a picture of a page or more, but I’d love to see them and hear about what you use yours for– flushing out ideas, chronicling important things, just doodling, writing your manifesto, whatever… Send a few pictures and a blurb talking about what/where/when why you journal  to and I’ll gladly feature you right here with links to whatever online presence you care to share.  Come on, it’ll be fun!




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