Matt McClane’s College Journal

14 Sep

Last week I asked y’all to send me pictures of your journals or sketchbooks. Our first showcase is Matt McClane, a talented designer, photoshop master, top notch whiskey drinker, and all around great guy. Matt was kind enough to share the journal he kept in college. Below are his words and photos. Enjoy!  And check out the (hopefully) ever-growing Journal Gallery.

“Your blog post intrigued me so much that I had to go back and grab my college journal. I haven’t kept one in years, but every time I see these pages they just bring back so many crazy memories and thoughts.  Looking back, these things really encapsulate so much of what any college student could go through in those confusing times.

Sometimes I love to just sit and stare at all this chaos I went through 10 years ago. It seemed like I was a bottled up mess, full of more ideas than I could really express. Most of what came out was a blur, but I think I always tried to ground it with a concrete, basic image to keep it all grounded. It was mostly completely arbitrary, but something about the way those things blended together was always so fun for me.

(Since when does Batman or an American Eagle baseball cap sync up so easily with social constructionism and ideas about Social Penetration Theory?  No clue.)

The inner and obvious theme to all my entries was always some kind of self discovery. Seemed like I was searching and searching for the real me… and a lot of times I have to admit that I’m still searching for that guy today.

In the end, who really wants to find him, though?”






Thanks Matt.  You’re swell.


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