More Talented That I Am: Deb Sokolow (Part II)

15 Sep

Avid readers of this blog will remember that a few months ago I wrote about Deb Sokolow, one of my favorite contemporary artists.  

“Deb Sokolow creates a vertiginous world of invented narratives. Her large-scale, ink on paper installations are hung in a kind of methodized-madness that call to mind police investigations bulletin boards, a mad scientist’s chaotic formulas and revelations, or the bedroom of an obsessive-compulsive conspiracy-obsessed fanatic. Sokolow leads viewers into the tangled web of an information-saturated schematic, leaving viewers at once disoriented and exhilarated. Sokolow talked to us about her creative process and sent us a bunch of behind-the-scenes shots, including her “research binders” detailing subjects such as “Ghosts, Email Scams, Pigeons & Squirrels.” 

-Beautiful Decay

If you like her as much as I do (and you should), then you’ll enjoy Beautiful/Decay’s interview of her, which includes pictures of her work AND her studio.  I love seeing other people’s workspaces, so I really got my jollies off to this little interview. Enjoy.



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