J’s Sketches- Bastards of the Infinite

18 Sep

In our third edition of journal voyeurism, I present to you pages from J. Tenney of Bastards of the Infinite.  His words and images are below. Also check out the Journal Gallery for more images and keep sending me your images.

“In my sketch book I focus a lot of attention on whats going on in my head. Its what I view as my marriage space, where I wed my ideas concerning my sequential art carrier and the other factors that flux my emotional response to the world around me. Often in my sketch book I find that I work out the feelings that are frustrating me into a tangible, viewable expression of that frustration. Most of the time that releases the frustrations temper. But the sketch book is more then that, its also where I can become whatever I want to become when Im trying to discover one of my characters idenities, Since I happen to make comic books and I need heroes, the sketch book gives me a place to secretly explore what I hope to be like, representing my thoughts about whats good in the drawings I do of heros, such as the Komet.”






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