Seth’s Hospital Diary

21 Sep

Another journal showcase- this time featuring the art of Seth Reynolds.  Don’t forget to check out the gallery and keep sending me your journal images.

 My name is Seth Reynolds, I am an artist living in Nashville,raised in Central America, but I haven’t shown or painted in a while. A few years ago I went to the hospital with a fever of 105 and sick as a dog. As it turns out I had contracted a staff infection (MRSA) which had entered my whole body including my heart. I spent a long time in the hospital almost dying a few times. The infection entered my leg which caused severe pain. They operated a few times, and almost removed my leg at the knee because of lack of insurance. I had a couple of sketch pads throughout the ordeal. I was severly drugged and running a high fever. Here are some excerpts. I was angry at our health care system, scared, drugged and sick. I spent almost a year bed ridden after being released from the hospital. Here is a link to some of the paintings I did during that time.  I am fine now, I have moved on. I have sketch pads documenting about 10 years of my crazy life.



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