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Zombies and Cupcakes

29 Oct

I’m proud to be included in bCompany’s excellent Etsy treasury “let there be cupcakes…” featuring all the best in zombie, cupcake, and mustache wares on Etsy.  Take a peek!



A Poem I Love

28 Oct

Mostly because it’s about me, but also because it’s written by one of my favorite people.  As the longest and most artfully composed comment in the history of this blog, I thought it deserved its own posting.

I cannot wait to see you, Dale
I will not be deterred by hail
Or unexpected suitor mail
Or bands of angry, hungry snails
I will not be deterred by fire
Or fields of land mines and barbed wire
Or angry townsfolk with a pyre
No, I will be there. I aspire
to touch your awesome face with mine
and let our bodies intertwine
and drink a lot of shitty wine.
Again: a LOT of shitty wine.

A Gerbil Story

27 Oct

Inspired by recent audio projects by my dear friend and Chicago Public Radio employee Sarah Lu, as well as college buddy Willa Campbell, I decide I should start doing some of my own audio pieces here on the blog.  This first one is very rough, edited in garage band (which is certainly not the best for non-musical audio stuff.  Audacity is a free program that’s much better, for the record).  But I figure I have to start somewhere.  Some of you may remember my infamous gerbil tale.  I thought I’d record that in my own voice.  Soundtrack by Sufjan Stevens.  Enjoy.

Halloween Costume Ideas

26 Oct

Halloween is fast approaching and dudes, I got nothing.  I don’t understand it.  I love Halloween. I love dressing up.  So then why all of a sudden am I at a total loss for any idea or inspiration regarding a costume and more importantly, why does it all seem like a big silly hassle? Perhaps it’s just that I’m busy with work and side projects and haven’t had the time or energy needed to think of a super great costume.  Maybe I’m worried I can’t live up to last year’s pinata costume with Shawn (see below).  Or maybe this is growing up.  Maybe I’m losing my ability to take child-like pleasure in things like costumes and theme parties and cheesy holiday activities like pumpkin carving.  Maybe I’m finally starting to see the world as a little less magical…  No. I think I’m just tired.  So hell me out, guys.  I have less than a week to come up with a fab costume idea and I need help.  Throw some ideas my way.  What are you going as this year? What costumes have impressed you in the past?  My youthful exuberance is riding on this, guys.  FYI- right now Champagne is in the lead. 

Current Ideas: 

Coppertone Girl (flesh body suit, bathing suit bottom with stuffed dog attached)

Champagne (gold dress, some kind of bubble necklace-y thing, hair piled on head, gold make-up, carry champagne)

Famous Painting (frame around head, paint/dress like a a famous painting. I’ve done this one before, though…)



Remember M.J.

21 Oct

This Halloween season, I encourage you to embrace your inner zombie with this hand-printed, hand-glittered original Michael Jackson memorial screen print. $5 cheap. Made by yours truly.


Pack Your Lunch

16 Oct

My friend Lora recently confessed to having an “Etsy problem.”  I must admit that I think I have the same affliction.  I spend hours perusing the site and justify buying just about anything by reasoning that I’m supporting individual artists and the DIY community.  Which is true, of course.  If I’m going to buy something, the first places I look are Etsy and Supermarket, but it gets dangerous when I log on for a casual browse and end up with new handwarmers and a kickass new belt before I’ve even thought about it.  If I’m not careful, I’m going to financially sacrifice myself in the name off quirky style and DIY designers.  So I’ve decided I need to reign in the spending a little, both on Etsy and in other areas of my life.

One way I’ve cut back spending is by bringing my lunch instead of going out as often as I once did.  Making my lunch always seemed like such a hassle, and I never had anything appropriate to carry lunch to work in, so I’d wind up using plastic grocery bags, which, let’s admit it, are flimsy and tacky.  So I got back on Etsy (I know, I know, but really this was a good purchase).  The Craft Pantry makes lovely recycled canvas lunch totes, one of which I bought and am currently enjoying.  That plus a few new lunch bag sized tupperware containers makes a lovely little lunch kit. 


"Fill me with delicious treats," these lunchtime vessels softly whisper.

I’ve also started making a bunch of food on Sundays that I can eat for lunch throughout the week.  My current favorite is a sweet potato salad recipe from the Glowing Bowl Cafe that you can find here.

photo by Adam Brimer

photo by Adam Brimer

That’s my money saving tip for the week.  Maybe for the year.  I’m not the best at saving money, quite honestly.  But I’ve brought my lunch every day this week. So there.

Whitney Misch’s Diverse Sketches

15 Oct

Whitney Misch is an artist whose sketchbook I’m delighted to share with you.  You can see more of his work at his website.  His words and images are below and in the journal gallery.

“I use my sketchbook for two main purposes. On the one hand, I use it for observational drawing from life. In this regard I am using it as a learning tool. Observing nature, and trying to capture it. On the other hand, I also use it as a creative tool by drawing from my imagination. This is good for trying to call back what you learned from life, and stretch your imagination.

For my observational drawing, I prefer to use pen. Since you cannot erase, you are forced to slow down, look closer, and draw just one line. In some ways, though, the first few lines can be heart wrenching – as they are so critical in determining the scale and composition of the whole piece. For most of my imaginative drawings, I use pencil. I require the flexibility of erasing in order to come up with something interesting. i also like to play around with light and shadow, which requires the value range of pencil. I try to stay away from values in my life drawing because that is better understood/captured by life painting.”