Halloween Costume Ideas

26 Oct

Halloween is fast approaching and dudes, I got nothing.  I don’t understand it.  I love Halloween. I love dressing up.  So then why all of a sudden am I at a total loss for any idea or inspiration regarding a costume and more importantly, why does it all seem like a big silly hassle? Perhaps it’s just that I’m busy with work and side projects and haven’t had the time or energy needed to think of a super great costume.  Maybe I’m worried I can’t live up to last year’s pinata costume with Shawn (see below).  Or maybe this is growing up.  Maybe I’m losing my ability to take child-like pleasure in things like costumes and theme parties and cheesy holiday activities like pumpkin carving.  Maybe I’m finally starting to see the world as a little less magical…  No. I think I’m just tired.  So hell me out, guys.  I have less than a week to come up with a fab costume idea and I need help.  Throw some ideas my way.  What are you going as this year? What costumes have impressed you in the past?  My youthful exuberance is riding on this, guys.  FYI- right now Champagne is in the lead. 

Current Ideas: 

Coppertone Girl (flesh body suit, bathing suit bottom with stuffed dog attached)

Champagne (gold dress, some kind of bubble necklace-y thing, hair piled on head, gold make-up, carry champagne)

Famous Painting (frame around head, paint/dress like a a famous painting. I’ve done this one before, though…)




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