Make Earrings

5 Jan

Cost: Less than $5

Time: Minimal

Materials: beads/charms/interesting objects, pliers, earring findings, small metal hoops

I’ve never gotten into jewelry making, even though I love jewelry and hardware and pretty sparkly things.  Maybe this year will be a turning point.  If this morning is any indication, it just may be.  I made myself a pair of earrings from a pair of odd ceramic blobs I’ve been holding onto for years, promising myself I’m going to make something out of them.  I’m not even sure where I’ve found them, or how they’ve managed to travel across three states with me as I’ve moved, but I unearthed them last night as I was trying to purge superfluous jewelry from my collection and decided today was the day to either make something out of them or finally trash the strangle little shapes.

I took the matching white ceramic blobs and drew little circles on them with a black paint pen.  After they had dried, I got silver dangling earring findings and small metal hoops in the jewelry-making section of Michael’s and with a few twists of pliars, I attached the earrings to the hoops and the hoops to the findings.  Voila.  Earrings in minutes.


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