Make it Fancy

13 Jan

I know that I often run the risk of sounding like a bad self-help book, but I honestly think my life is better because I post lists above my desk that say “Make each day special” or because I dare myself to do something nice for a stranger.  It’s cheesy and it’s trite, sure, but it makes me happy.  And hopefully I’m enough of a smart ass that my earnestness isn’t overbearing.

That being said, I’ve been thinking today about how with just a little effort it’s easy to turn mundane events into things I think are really special. Granted, I think I’m extraordinarily easy to please, but buying a fancy body wash and new loofah for the shower makes daily hygiene pretty awesome.  Or this morning, when I took the two seconds to add whipped cream and cinnamon to a regular cup of coffee.  That was fancy.  And it made me happy.

Even if you’re a cynical asshole, I strongly urge you to take a second and think of all the things you do each day and tiny ways you might make them just a little more pleasurable.  I know, it’s cool to be nonplussed by everything and impressed by nothing.  And you may look at my little cup of coffee and be sad for me that such a tiny silly thing gives me so much pleasure.  But don’t worry about me.  I get to rejoice every single day while taking showers and drinking coffee.



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