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23 Feb

Poladroid is free downloadable software that takes digital photos, tones them, and adds a border so that they look like a polaroid scan.  So if you don’t have a polaroid but are dying to make your pictures just a a little more hipster, check it out.

not taken with a polaroid


Creative License

22 Feb

I have a secret affinity for self-help books aimed at maximizing potential and increasing creativity. I’ve always had this internal need to make the most out of every day, to make every day unique and special. Living like this is alternately exhilarating and exasperating, but the satisfaction tends to outweigh the disappointment, so I keep it up. Last year I bought the book “Creative License” by Danny Gregory. It’s a book that focuses on journaling and drawing and it’s one of the best creativity-sparking books I’ve come across. It helped me get over my self-consciousness about being a crappy sketch artist and get into drawing regularly regardless of the quality of my doodles. As evidenced below, most drawings in my journal are far from masterpieces, but it’s great to look back in my old journals and see my clumsily rendered replications of everyday life

The Sketchbook of Kevin Smalley

19 Feb

I’m happy to be featuring two artist sketchbooks in a row this week.  Today I present selections form the journal of Kevin Smalley, whose words and images are below.  Check out more at  And of course don’t forget to check out the ever-growing journal gallery here on the blog.

My name is Kevin Smalley.
I am a multi-media artist working currently out of Akron/Cleveland, Ohio
I write my ideas, poems, and doodles down on any piece of paper I can find. Most paper being recycled scrap I find
Journaling is the purest form of mental documentation for me. Here I am most honest and visionary. My drawings and words tend to alter just as quickly as my thoughts do
This is a random selection from the past 4 years (2006-2010).

J Muzacz’s Travel Journals

17 Feb

I’m happy to share with you the words and drawings of J Muzacz below. You can learn more at Don’t forget to take a peek at the journal gallery here on the blog.

J Muzacz (me, single, white male) likes to travel. with not much. a pad and a pen, some clothes, maybe a toothbrush.. that way the experiences and people you come across in foreign lands are more raw and real. not some digital flick of a finger, to be castaway into a hard-drive closet or uploaded to the facebook photo album graveyard and never really recollected again. i guess a picture is worth a thousand words? well a drawing, sitting there, smelling people walk by, and having little kids look over your shoulder at a creation, albeit 8.5×11″ or smaller even, but its care, and time, a dedication to a craft. a minimal expression of ones surrounding. reclamation really.. but anyway, these photos are from egypt, and europe mostly. after i graduated college with a sociology degree i decided to go and see now what the world would teach me. about people and cultures, about how to live a happy life. and i learned quite a lot, from marag, the highland cattle who had a dreadlock on her tummy and munched hay like there’d be no tomorrow. she lived way up in the hebrides a 1.5 hour ferry ride from mainland scotland, on an island with no trees, can you imagine! from the throngs of tourists round the collisseum, the camels hiking round the pyramids, the mummies in the museum, grave-robbed from their infinite slumber, the reflection of myself in a train window as my gaze relaxed from the constant influx of newness whizzing by.. (don’t try to keep up!) and even a portuguese anarcho-artist collective where i slept on a trampoline for a week in exchange for cooking some meals and painting.
some writing, stream of consciousness about my surroundings, maybe descriptions or philosophies, some favorite quotes from a book or a passerby, some funny happenstances, and doodles, oodles of doodles. a pen and some paper.

Send a Postcard, Get a Postcard

16 Feb

If you’ve never heard of Kickstarter, you should head over and poke around. It’s a great site that allows artists and creative types to appeal to the masses for funding for projects ranging from documentary films to giant paintings to self-published books. Lots of the projects offer fun rewards if you pledge money. I recently happened upon a great Kickstarter project called “Send a Postcard, Get a Postcard.”

The project is exactly what its name implies- those who pledge $1 receive the name of a stranger to whom they should send a handmade or altered postcard. They in turn will receive a postcard from a stranger. I just got my name and will be sending along this postcard today.

I love this project- it’s simple, fun, and serves no purpose than making people happy. Anyone interested in replicating something like this on a smaller scale?

For more information, check out the Send a Postcard Get a Postcard blog.

Have a Picnic Inside

16 Feb

If you’re like me, you’re getting a little tired of winter. I wish today was warm enough for a picnic outside, but since it’s not, we decided to have a picnic inside. Grab a blanket. Get some lunch. Sit down. Eat.

Tomato Head in Maryville

15 Feb

For those of you in the area, stop on by the Maryville Tomato Head to see my art on display through February.