Write a Poem from a Craigslist Ad

30 Mar

A couple of friends and I have been choosing a writing assignment each week just to keep us in the habit of writing.  Last week we decided to write something based on an ad we found on Craigslist.  I decided to head to Missed Connections and found this post:

Curls & Curls & Crown Royal (Backpack) – m4w – 99 (BNSF)

Date: 2010-03-05, 8:28AM CST

…..such amazing curls surrounding an adorable face. And to think you needed make-up to improve upon that? I’ll think of you all day now.

Here’s what I came up with:

Curls and Curls and Crown Royal

I’d rather be drunk on a beauty shop perm

than standing this far from you,

drinking you in through this whiskey shade

of orange club light,

mapping a path from wobbly table to wobbly table

past revelers who are amazingly unaware

to you, with your curls and curls and Crown Royal.

I can see you putting on your make-up hours before,

in a tiny apartment in fluorescent light,

tugging your eyelid closed and drawing a thick dry line,

pursing lips so they can be crudely painted,

applying foundation with a soiled sponge.

If I was a different man, I’d go to you,

cradle you in these puny arms,

and with a damp bar napkin spend the evening

dabbing make-up from your perfect face.


One Response to “Write a Poem from a Craigslist Ad”

  1. flappergirlcreations March 31, 2010 at 2:18 am #

    Ha ha! I loved this.

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