Leave a Book You Love on a Bench

12 Apr
a post-it makes it more approachable

a post-it makes it more approachable

Time: 10 minutes

Cost: Free if you’re giving away a book you own, probably $20 if you’re buying a copy.

Materials: One book you love.

I love the book Catwings. I read it incessantly as a child and am even the proud owner of an original Catwings drawing by Ursula K. Le Guin.  So why would I part with my copy of Catwings? First, because I don’t often pop the book of the shelf to sit down and read it, second because it’s not my original copy anywhere (no one seems to know where the copy we read when we were little ended up), and third because I love the idea of a stranger sitting down and seeing the book on a bench downtown and deciding to sit and read it.  Maybe it will be a little kid and a parent.  Maybe someone like me, who heads to Krutch Park for lunch on sunny days.  Maybe someone killing time until it’s time to catch the bus.  I left this book sitting on a bench on Friday with a note begging someone to read it. Whoever it is, I hope they enjoy.

waiting to be found


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