Artistic License 2010

7 May

I hope the Knoxvillians among you will stop by the Fluorescent Gallery tomorrow night for the opening of Artistic License 2010, a show Shawn and I have been planning for a while now.  In the words of yours truly:

“Knoxville is crawling with creatives. We are continually inspired by the photographers, designers, writers, musicians and visual artists who live here. Artistic License aims to facilitate creative collaboration between artists and art forms in Knoxville. Inspired by the children’s game of telephone, in which a sentence is passed from person to person through whispers until it reaches the end of the chain and is uttered aloud. It’s usually an entirely different sentence than the original, changed slightly by each person who hears it. Artistic License shows us what can be created when we put our words and images into another person’s hands.

Four photographers took a picture of a stranger. Each of these pictures was passed on to two writers who wrote a short piece based on the photo. These poems and stories were then each passed to two artists who created a piece of art based on the writing they received. Artistic License 2010 reflects the fruits of these 28 individual and collective labors.”


2 Responses to “Artistic License 2010”

  1. Daniel May 7, 2010 at 5:09 am #

    That sounds exquisite. What portion of the process did you create?

  2. mackeyda May 7, 2010 at 1:10 pm #

    Daniel, I curated the show and also participated as a writer. I’ll be posting pictures from tonight’s opening some time next week, so check back!

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