Make a Planter

17 May

When Shawn bought the house, the bathroom had a tiny walk-in shower and an old claw foot tub.  Not being a big bath taker, Shawn used the tub for a variety of purposes- an ice-filled beer holder during parties, a storage place for laundry waiting to be folded, and later, when the tub was moved into the backyard, a home for badminton rackets and Bocce balls.  Last year it found its newest and most delightful use- a planter.

You can make just about any relatively non-porous container into a planter.  Just drill a few holes into the bottom to make sure it’s properly drained, buy some potting soil, fill ‘er up, and plant what you will!

Clockwise from far left: rosemary, thai basil, lemon thyme, chocolate mint, basil, mint, provincial lavender


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