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Watch a Movie Outside

29 Jun

Yesterday I returned from an amazing weekend in North Carolina for the marriage of my dear friends Lora and Joe.  We arrived at the goat farm (where they live, and where the wedding took place) a few days before the wedding to get settled and help out where we could.  The first night we were there, we were treated to homemade wood-fired pizza and Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure on an outdoor screen. I was once again reminded of how magical it is to watch movies outside (preferably with delicious snacks and libations, of course).  Projectors are probably cheaper than you imagine and super easy to set up with your laptop so you can watch movies anywhere against a white wall or sheet.  Or check with your local library to see if they have projectors you can rent. Ask around, pick a movie, call your friends, experience childlike wonder.


The World’s Smallest Post Service

28 Jun

Today I became the recipient of the tiniest, sweetest little love letter ever to be sent.  My sweetheart stumbled upon Leafcutter Design’s World’s Small Post Service and ordered a tiny little missive for me.  I can’t tell you how perfect and adorable this minute surprise is. It comes sealed with a wax initial and a magnifying glass to help you read the writing.  I highly suggest sending a tiny little letter to someone you love.

photo by Leafcutter Designs

my letter, with quarter for comparison

New Print

17 Jun

My dear friends Lora and Joe are getting married in just over a week and to celebrate the ceremony, I made this poster for guests to sign in lieu of a guest book.  I’m gearing up to do a round of posters to beef up my long-neglected etsy shop. Stay tuned, dear friends.


10 Jun

Do yourself a favor, Knoxvillians, and check out the fabulous new store Rala (which stands for Regional And Local Artists) next to Coffee and Chocolate downtown.  It’s got a lovely selection of wares, including a few mini canvases by yours truly.  Stop by in June to see fabulous art by Bran Rogers or in July to see some Dale Mackey originals on display for First Friday on July 2nd.

Cucumber, Cocktails, Celery, Soda

8 Jun

This Sunday I made Agua Fresca de Pepino, a sweet cucumber juice with a little spicy kick.  It was delicious and fairly easy- peel and chop some cucumbers, squeeze a few limes, add a bit of sugar and jalepeno, blend, strain and drink!

Because I liked it so much, I immediately went back to the store, bought enough cucumbers for a double recipe, whipped up a double batch, poured it into a cleaned 2 L soda bottle, added 1/b t of yeast, and waited 24 hours for it to carbonate.

Naturally, I wanted to see what kind of cocktail I could whip up with my delicious new soda, so taking stock of what we had in the house, I added 1 oz. Cachaça, another squeeze of lime, and had a refreshing little cocktail on my hands.

On a related note, I was recently told I should try Brown’s Celery Soda because of my love for cucumber water, cucumber juice and now cucumber soda.  I found some on the drive from Chicago to Knoxville after Memorial Day weekend at the Louisville Liquor Barn (sounds sketchy, I know, but it’s an amazing place with a fantastic selection of libations and tasty vittles) and I have this to report- delicious!  It’s pretty sweet, but it’s got a subtle green taste and would go very well with spicy food.  If you see some, I suggest you pick it up and give it a try.

Apron Alert

4 Jun

The Vintage and Handmade Apron Exhibit is on display at Rita’s Italian Ice on Market Square.  We have a fantastic collection of beautiful aprons and some tasty recipes you can pick up, too!  If you find yourself on Market Square this weekend (or any time in June, for that matter), do yourself a favor and check out these fantastic domestic relics.

Ode to Some Really Lovely Women

1 Jun
Baby clapped and we followed suit-
clapped for two beds, a futon, six women and a child.
Soaked in hot springs and cocktails,
lit by christmas tree fireflies,
our harmony interrupted just once by pizza smoke sirens.
Women well fed with cornbread, ramps and cheese,
sipping limoncello and speaking of love.
Five state, five cars and countless meals a day-
full before we were hungry, awake before nine.
We talked of hobos and train cars while walking,
of music and friends over feathers and lace.
Glue guns and allergies aside,
we left solid and full and light and sustained,
looking forward to June, when we can clap for love again.