Rala Art

18 Jul

Remember when I told you about Rala, the mind-blowingly adorable new store that just opened up next to Coffee and Chocolate in downtown Knoxville (for those of you who aren’t in Knoxville, you’re missing out, unless you live in some big stupid city like Chicago* or something in which case you’re not missing out at all, but stop being a jerk- this is a big deal for us).

This month’s featured artist is… wait, is this right?  Let me double check, here.  Oh yes, it’s me.  If you live in Knoxville and you have lots of money, I highly suggest you go buy some of my collages this week (they’re up through the end of the month).  If not, then allow me to show off some pictures from the opening, will you?  We had a pretty small crowd for most of the time, but at one (sadly not caught on film) point, we played a raucous rendition of Buddy Holly’s Everyday punctuated by a boisterous woman yelling that we need to play at Bonnaroo next year.

photo by Shawn Poynter

photo by Shawn Poynter

*I don’t think Chicago is stupid.  Sometimes I just get a little jealous because I don’t live there anymore.  I’m sorry I snapped at you.


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