Something New: Aerial Dance

19 Jul

When summer began, I had visions of spending my free time laying in the backyard with iced tea and a good book for hours on end.  I thought if I was feeling really ambitious I’d take the occasional quarry swimming trip, but would for the most part literally lay quite low.

That hasn’t been the case, almost ceaseless travel, unexpected opportunities, and home improvement projects have managed to usurp my lazy dreams and instead of bemoaning my lost lazy days of summer, I’ve decided to switch gears and just fill the summer with as many experiences as possible (That’s really what summer’s for anyway, right?  I’ll relax in the winter with a bowl of stew and a sickening romantic comedy).

In that spirit, I convinced my sweetheart to take an aerial dance class with me a few weeks ago (though I called it “learning the trapeze” so as not to make him feel that taking the class would compromise his manliness).  While Shawn did in fact feel that his manliness was bit compromised and probably won’t return, he did have fun.  I didn’t feel that my manliness was compromised at all and plan to start going to the weekly classes downtown whenever I can (Knoxvillians, they’re at  We learned a bunch of moves in a short amount of time and I got a wicked upper body workout and I’ve already got myself a 6 class pass (the only time I’ve ever bought a half-off deal online, but it entered my inbox this morning just as I was about the write this, so I figured it was fate).  I’d suggest looking around to see if you can find a trapeze/circus/aerial dance class in your neck of the woods.  Manly or not, it’s worth a shot*.

*I believe this should be the official aerial dance slogan.


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