Weird Al

20 Jul

I know I’ve been doing a lot showing off on the blog lately, and I do promise to start posting more projects and recipes soon, but please allow me just one more little virtual demonstration of pride as I tell you that I can now add “Back-up Dancer for “Weird Al” Yankovic” to my resume.  Not only can I add it, I most certainly will.  There is no job worth applying for that will not see my back-up experience as a tremendous boon.  Perhaps you have a few questions about my experience.  I will endeavor to anticipate and answer them here.

Q: Dale, how did you get such an amazing gig?
A: I’m very important and sought-after.  Some will tell you that it’s because a friend of mine manages the venue at which the Weird Al concert took place, but don’t believe this people.  I got this gig through sheer ambition, talent, and stunning good looks (thanks Kevin).

Q: So are you going to start touring with Weird Al?
A: Sadly, no.  Mr. Weird is a lone stallion who much gallop off into the distance on his own, finding new back-up dancers in every town (This is true.  His rider requests two ladies with black tennis shoes and leotards in pigtails and goth make-up.  Imagine being able to request PEOPLE in your rider).

Q: Who was that amazingly good looking lady dancing with you?
A: That, my friends, is the smart and talented Cassie.  She is a classically trained cheerleader whose precision and technique balanced out my wackiness and inability to think of dance moves that didn’t involve wild swinging of the hips.  Aside from an amazing back-up dancer, Cassie is a community organizer and sister to a member of “Color Me Bad,” with whom she toured as a teenager.

Q: When did you learn the dance?
A: We didn’t learn the dance.  We CREATED the dance.  We arrived at 4:30, were shown a video of previous back-up dancers at a concert and told that we had three hours to make up our own dance.  They showed us where we were to place ourselves onstage, then left us in our dressing room with a CD of “Smells Like Nirvana,” a trunkful of cheerleading uniforms and pom-poms, and set about making magic.  We practiced until we heard the concert starting, never making it through the entire song without stopping to remember the next move.  When we performed onstage, though, we managed to make it through without any serious hitches.

Q: Was it fun?
Q: Are you stupid?

Q: Did you get paid?
A: Yes we did.*
*In concert tickets for us and two guests, plus more drink vouchers than we needed.

And now, without further ado, I present to you our dance.

Videography by Shawn Poynter

Once again, a million thanks to Kevin for giving us this opportunity.


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