Greenbean Casserole Reinvented

25 Jul
I went to a potluck last week and decided I would play a game I sometimes like to play with myself called “What can you make with the ingredients you already have in the house?”  This game is born from my love of challenge, my desire to exercise my creativity, and my serious dislike of going to the grocery store.
I opened my fridge and the first thing I saw was a mess of greenbeans given to us by my sweetheart’s father, who grew them himself.  I decided to go all Top Chef and do my own interpretation of traditional greenbean casserole.  I honestly have NOTHING against the old classic made with canned greenbeans, cream of mushroom soup and canned onions.  I love the stuff!  But I decided to make it a little lighter (and just a tad yuppier).  I made a sauce out of some melted goat cheese seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon thyme from the garden.  I then dredged some thinly sliced onions in flour and fried ’em up.  OK, so the finished project really tasted almost nothing like the classic, but it was still mighty tasty.

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