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Dale Sale: More Commissions

31 Aug

I sent these two commissioned pieces out today. Just one more piece to make and I’ll finally be caught up, which means you should keep me busy by buying something from the Dale Sale! I still have tons of posters and t-shirts that can be yours for CHEAP!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has bought something.  It’s helping me clear my space and fund a retreat I’m really excited about!


Cabinet Makeover

30 Aug

Before you read this, check out Dale Sale items and additional larger works in the art gallery. Make my dreams come true.

I took a break from dictionary drawing and sodapop making this weekend to work on the house with my beau. We moved furniture, reorganized bookshelves and most impressively, painted our kitchen cabinets!  We’d been talking about buying new cabinets for awhile, but decided to see what we could do with the ugly veneered ones we already had.

After a light sanding to rough up the veneer a bit, all we had to do was add a coat of primer, a layer of faint, and buy some new handles and drawer pulls at Lowe’s and we have brand new happy-inducing cabinets.  What were we waiting for?

Air Plants

29 Aug

Before you read this, check out Dale Sale items and additional larger works in the art gallery. Make my dreams come true.

I first heard about air plants on Etsy, when Mudpuppy’s fabulous hanging plants were featured on the front page (check out Mudpuppy’s awesome blog here).  I was intrigued by how cool they looked and how apparently easy it is to care for them.  I’m a horrible plant slaughterer, so I’m always on the lookout for good-lookin’ low maintenance plants.  I meant to get one, never did, and then was happily surprised when I walked into Rala one day and found Mudpuppy’s plants hanging in the window.  Now one is hanging in my kitchen.

I was so delighted by this little plant, which needs only to be soaked in water for ten minutes every two weeks, that I decided to search for more.  I ordered five different air plants at Delton Sea Shells, where you can buy air plants for $1.75 and up.  They arrived healthy and in tact and after a quick trip to the craft store for glass vessels and some little wood chip things, I’ve created some pretty darn cute little plants.

Dale Sale: Buy a Pink Frame, Won’t You?

27 Aug

First of all, thanks so much to those of you who have so generously decided to buy my humble wares and commission new art.  It’s looking like I’m going to be able to drive to Fontana, NC and rent myself a cabin for a weekend of writing.  The thought of being alone with a laptop and no agenda but writing pretty words for 48 hours delights and terrifies me.  But I could still use a few more bucks to make this happen.  Sure I could just pony the remainder of the cost with my day job money, but I really love the idea of funding art with art.  So I’m hoping to sell a few more things and make this happen!

Today’s feature is this lovely pink frame.  I made a bunch of them this spring but have this one bright straggler I’d love to unload on you.  $8 buys it.  And don’t forget each purchase comes with a personal haiku I’ll write for you on the retreat.

If this doesn’t do it for you, check out the other Dale Sale items and additional larger works in the art gallery.

Cocktail of the Week: Violet Soda

25 Aug

Before you read this, check out the Dale Sale!

I first tried Creme de Violette early this summer, when I ordered it online after reading about it in a vintage cocktail book and not being able to find it here in Knoxville.  When I first tasted it (out of the bottle as soon as it arrived, of course), I wasn’t crazy about it, comparing it to a flowery cough syrup.  I can now confidently say I spoke too soon.  It’s quite concetrated and so abrasive on its own, but pair it with soda water, champage, ginger ale and various other spirits and it adds a magical and flowery-but-not-too-flowery taste when properly mixed.

One of my favorites is violet soda.  Pour club soda over ice, add Creme de Violette until the drink turns purple/gray (despite its deep purple color in the bottle, drinks often turn a greyish color when the Creme de Violette is added, but I promise they’ll still be tasty) twist a lemon peel over the drink and drop it in.  Easy, light and lovely.

Weekend Snack

24 Aug

Before you read this, check out the Dale Sale!

After almost two months of being away on the weekends, I finally got to spend the day at home this Sunday.  We woke up late, drank coffee, read magazines, worked on the house, and had a nice leisurely lunch.  It was lovely.  I played the “What Can I Make With What We Have in the House Game” and came up with baguette topped with broiled tomatoes topped with thyme, pepper, garlic and gouda and drizzled with truffle oil plus peaches from the farmer’s market wrapped in prosciutto.  Delicious.  It’s good to be home.

Dale Sale: First Commission

23 Aug

The Dale Sale is an effort to move out some of my older pieces to make room for new ones, and to raise a little money to send myself on a weekend writing retreat this fall.  Each purchase includes a haiku I’ll write just for you on said writing retreat.  I’ve had two takers so far (both amazing ladies).  If I stopped now, I could do a camping retreat, surviving on trail mix and writing by the glow of my laptop.  Sounds nice, but I’d sure appreciate a few more items out of the house and a few more duckets in my bucket.  Take a look at my wares, won’t you?

In the meantime, here are the first two pieces I’ve created.  Once I find some fabulous frames for these, they’ll be a framed set of a cardinal and St. Francis of Assisi.