Make Your Own Grocery Sacks

2 Aug

It happens to me all too often- I’ll stroll over to the farmer’s market during my lunch break, peruse the fragrant flowers, the delicious baked good, the beautiful fruits and veggies, and my eyes fall to something I just can’t resist taking home- some purple fingerling potatoes, or adorable little pattypan squashes, or a particularly beautiful little succulent.  I ask for the coveted item and after I pay, the adorable little farmer or baker or gardener looks at me like, “do you hate the environment or did you bring your own bag?”  I meekly look at the floor and ask for a bag.

I always mean to bring a bag, as much for dignity as for my disdain for wasting things, and this weekend, I actually got serious about it.  I’ve started to actually remember to bring this lovely fabric bag my sister bought for me, but decided I needed some back-ups.  The secret to not looking like a gas guzzling, Mountain Dew out of a styrofoam cup slurping, earth killing A-hole is to have a bag handy wherever you need one- an extra one in the purse, a few in the car, one at work.  So I took matters into my own hands, broke out the ol’ sewing machine, not used since it’s brief burst of activity in the banner making extravaganza, and whipped up a simple cloth sack from fabric I had laying around.  One big rectangle sewed up to make a bag sewed to two long skinny rectangles for handles and suddenly I’m an earth-hater no more!

I made this!


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