Katie Ries’ Sketchbooks

4 Aug

I’m so please to share with you images from the sketch book of the fabulous artist, community member and Urban Land Scout Katie Ries.  To learn more about Katie and her work, visit whoshareswins.com.  Enjoy Ms. Ries’ words and images below and don’t forget to check out the ever-growing journal gallery.

I’ve kept sketchbooks since middle school and think they’re often freer and better than the prints and drawings I do. A high school art teacher taught me Coptic binding and I still like to make my own sketchbooks. For a while I was binding in scrap paper I found in the trash at Kinkos– it gave me something to respond to and took some of the pressure off the blank pages. Around the time I learned to bind books, someone showed me The Journey is the Destination: the Journals of Dan Eldon. He was a prolific maker and filled his sketchbooks with these dense photographic collages. (You can browse some of his images here) That book was a great example of experimenting and process and helped me get over wanting everything to look nice and move towards wanting to play and make more.

At their best the sketchbooks are helpful tools in my (pseudo) daily drawing practice and a good place to warm up before drawing on nicer paper. Too often they become a notebooks full of grocery lists and junk like that. Ah well.


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