Air Plants

29 Aug

Before you read this, check out Dale Sale items and additional larger works in the art gallery. Make my dreams come true.

I first heard about air plants on Etsy, when Mudpuppy’s fabulous hanging plants were featured on the front page (check out Mudpuppy’s awesome blog here).  I was intrigued by how cool they looked and how apparently easy it is to care for them.  I’m a horrible plant slaughterer, so I’m always on the lookout for good-lookin’ low maintenance plants.  I meant to get one, never did, and then was happily surprised when I walked into Rala one day and found Mudpuppy’s plants hanging in the window.  Now one is hanging in my kitchen.

I was so delighted by this little plant, which needs only to be soaked in water for ten minutes every two weeks, that I decided to search for more.  I ordered five different air plants at Delton Sea Shells, where you can buy air plants for $1.75 and up.  They arrived healthy and in tact and after a quick trip to the craft store for glass vessels and some little wood chip things, I’ve created some pretty darn cute little plants.


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