Cocktail of the Week: Kentucky Spritzer

14 Sep

Last weekend I went to visit the hilarious and talented Liz in Bowling Green, OH.  Being a woman of good taste and sound mind, she asked me to pick up some Ale 8 in Kentucky during my drive up.  For you yankee readers, Ale 8 is, according to their website:

The soft drink unique to Kentucky, has been bottled in Winchester since 1926.Still a closely guarded family secret, the Ale-8-One formula was developed by G.L. Wainscott in the 1920’s after experimentation with ginger-blended recipes he acquired during extensive travels in Northern Europe. He sponsored one of America’s first “name the product” contests, and “A Late One” was the winning entry. The drink’s logo, Ale-8-One, was adopted as a pun of its description as the latest thing in soft drinks.

On the eve of my departure, we thought it fitting to whip up cocktails featuring Ale 8.  What we came up with what is, to borrow a phrase, the latest thing in cocktails.


diced cucumber

fresh basil


hendricks gin

ale 8 soda


Muddle about 1/4 of a cucumber (diced) with 3-4 leaves of fresh basil and the juice of half a lime in cocktail shaker.  Add 1 oz. hendricks gin and shake well.  Strain into a glass and 3/4 to the top with ale 8 soda.  Add 2 ice cubes (optional) and float champagne on top.


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