16 Sep

Loyal readers know that for a few weeks now I’ve been busy infusing and carbonating and juicing my little heart out- all for a little party we threw this weekend.  The party started on Thursday night, when my lovely friend Brynn drove her Airstream Bambi Caravelle trailer here from West Virginia, continued through Friday as we painted the inside of the trailer late into the evening, climaxed during the hootenany, kept on truckin’ through a lovely Sunday brunch and photoshoot, and concluded on Monday morning when the Bambi left the yard.

The hootenany was full of so many wonderful things: an early evening storm, homemade luminaries, bacon-wrapped burgers, hibiscus soda, a backyard fire, homemade pizza, sparklers galore, brandied peaches from West Virginia, green tomato basil juice from Knoxville, a brand new record player, a beautiful trailer bar, and absolutely lovely people.

welcome to the hootenany

late night trailer interior decorating

inside the bambi bar

the best barmaid

before the storm


beautiful lady

beautiful lady and sparkler


amazing gifts from amazing people

goodnight bambi

All photos by Shawn Poynter


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