Dinner in the Shed

27 Sep

We discovered another use for our backyard shed during the Hootenany, when Shawn transformed it into a beer and cigar bar for party attendees with tastes that tend towards the burly.  A string of lights, a few milk crates with plywood seats, and a counter full of goodies almost effortlessly turned the shed into a magical place.  That night I vowed to do more shed-based entertaining.

This weekend Shawn got a hankering for fried chicken after watching an Alton Brown video and whipped some up for us while I roasted squash and made a spinach salad.  We took our bounty out to the shed and ate over candle and string light with a cooler for a table.  It was so fun to find a fun new place at home to hang out.  What attic, shed, trailer or walk-in closet have you been ignoring?

chicken prepping

chicken frying

feast on a cooler

my new favorite dinner venue


One Response to “Dinner in the Shed”

  1. Linds April 8, 2011 at 1:51 am #

    I really like this idea….I love doing odd things like this! It keeps life interesting, and doing realatively strange things makes me feel silly, differnet and happy!
    Thank you…I’m inspired 🙂

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