Favorites from the Hootenany

5 Oct

I revisited the drink cards we had folks fill out during last month’s airstream trailer bar hootenany.  We wrote the infusions, sodas, teas, juices, booze and other mixers we had on a big piece of plywood and had guests make up their own combination and write them on cards which we pinned up on a clothesline over the bar as we mixed up the requested drinks.  I thought I’d share some of my favorite combinations.

the bambi bar

  • white whiskey, hibiscus soda and rosemary syrup
  • blackberries in grape syrup, concord grape and apple soda and bourbon
  • brandied peaches, vodka and club soda
  • muscadine gin, rose hip tea and champagne
  • green tomato basil juice, gin, tonic and rosemary syrup
  • vino verdhe, creme de violette and brandied peaches
choose your own adventure menu

choose your own adventure menu


bitters, brandied fruits, elderberry tincture

*photos by shawn poynter and melanie travins


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