Carve a Pumpkin

21 Oct

Last weekend my lovely friend Kate was in town for a fall visit and it was determined that pumpkin carving was in order.  After a trip to a local produce stand for pumpkins and an art supply store for wood carving tools, we got to work. Both our pumpkins looked lovely, but for some reason, they’re already starting to wilt.  I figured I better capture them before it’s too late.  Pardon for the poor photo quality- this is what happens when I take my own photos.  Trust me, they’re beaut’s.   Both of us were inspired by past pumpkins created by Ms. Martha Stewart (or, more likey, her creative staff).

Kate chose to create a lace-like pattern by punching out shapes a la this tutorial.

Kate's lace pumpkin looks so much lovelier in person (or rather, in pumpkin).

I decided to carve a fake wood (or “faux bois” if you’re fancy, French or both) pattern into a white pumpkin based on this snippet I happened upon.

Faux Bois!

And let us never forget the power of a tiny bale of hay, some assorted squash, and luminaria (made of course with a paper bag, gravel on the bottom to weigh it down, and a votive candle).


Is the baby stalk of corn too much?

One Response to “Carve a Pumpkin”

  1. Michael October 22, 2010 at 6:49 pm #

    Every time I see flaming bags on my porch I stamp them out and… let’s just say it’s stinky….

    Awesome jacks of lanterns there. Strange they’re already wilting…. The warm weather perhaps?

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