Ginger Ale Taste Test

25 Oct

My beau and I are always on the hunt for the perfect ginger ale/beer. Both of us favor versions that are not too sweet, crisp and spicy. I finally decided to see if I could create a ginger ale at home to our tastes.  To begin what I’m starting realize may be a very long endeavor, I made two versions.

One version came from a “ginger ale soda base” I bought at a home brewing store here in Knoxville.  I added sugar, water and champagne yeast.  This version was a deep brown.

The second version I made from fresh ginger that I simmered for 20 minutes before adding sugar and more water.  It’s a very pale yellow.  I added champagne yeast to this one as well for carbonation.

We had some folks over for dinner and decided to try these out.  We had a ginger ale taste taste consisting of six different versions.

1. Blue Sky Jamaican Ginger Beer

2. Main Root Ginger Brew

3. Homemade Ginger Ale- fresh ginger

4. Schweppes Ginger Ale

5. Homemade Ginger Ale- ginger base

6. Red Rock Ginger Ale

All were tasty, but the favorites seemed to be:

2) The Main Root Ginger Brew, favored for it’s strong ginger taste (folks thought this was the one I made from fresh ginger, but was much stronger than the homemade version)

5) The homemade ginger ale made from base, which we liked because it was dark, spicey and even a little pine-y

6) Red Rock Ginger Ale, which I loved because it was mellow at first but then hit you with some ginger heat at the end.


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