National Novel Writing Month- Day 3

4 Nov

It’s day three of National Novel Writing month and at 5,110 words exactly, I’m right on track (or should I say “write on track”?)(sorry).  It’s kind of amazing what a tiny bit of commitment to a plan can do.  At this point in the game, I’m feeling optimistic about going through with this (and by “this” I mean writing the most boring novel EVER).

An excerpt from today’s writing:

“So,” she remembered saying, “I guess we’re the Halloween grinches.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Paul responded in a tone that Sara liked to call coquettish when she recounted the story to friends.

“It means that we’re the only sane people here not dressed up.”

“Oh, I am,” Paul said.  “I have my costume on under my clothes.”

“Oh really,” she replied, “and what are you?”

“A streaker.”


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