Handstamp a Card

30 Nov

I decided a few weeks ago I was going to start carving my own stamps.  All it took was a trip to Jerry’s Artarama for some carving blocks and carving tools and I was on my way.  All you have to do is draw a mirror image (remember this- you will not be happy if you, like me, spend 45 minutes carving a stamp only to realize it will print backwards) of your desired image on the block and carve the empty spaces around it.  In other words, anything you want to be printed should be raised and everything you want to be empty space should be carved down.

I know a bunch of folks with November birthdays, so I decided to create a birthday stamp.  Here it is, all inked up:

And here, the inelegantly printed final product:

Quick, easy and pretty cool looking.  I’m already dorking out thinking of all the invitations, holiday greeting cards, place cards and other sundry stamped goods I’ll be making.


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