Make a Thanks Tree

1 Dec

The first incarnation of the Thanks Tree came about a few weeks ago when we visited our delightful friends Mike and Amy in West Virginia for an early Thanksgiving potluck.  Amy had the idea for everyone to write something they were thankful for on a piece of paper, so I went foraging in their yard for a sturdy branch on which we clothespinned these little notes of thanks. After dinner, Mike and Amy guessed who wrote what and passed the slips to the person they thought had written them.  If they guessed wrong, the person with the incorrect slip had to guess who wrote it, and so on and so forth until each slip was with its rightful owner.

thanks tree the first

Being a fan of festivity, branches, and guessing games, I naturally had to repeat the Thanks Tree at my childhood home in Chicago, where we spent Thanksgiving Day with family.  I’ve been a little obsessed with carving stamps lately (more posts to come on that front), so I made some “Thanks” cards which we used as part of the place settings and which doubled as the recipients of our written thanks.

hand-stamped thanks cards

Place setting!

Thanks tree and pencil-filled cornucopia

We followed our West Virginia precedent with the writing of thanks, the hanging it on a branch from the yard (I punched holes in these and strung them with a twine loop for easy hanging), and the guessing of who wrote what.  It’s admittedly a little late to post this as it will do no good as inspiration for this year’s Thanksgiving, but it could be modified to write good wishes or things you like about someone who’s birthday or marriage or baby or graduation or (fill in the blank) you’re celebrating.  And there’s always next Thanksgiving.

the two beautiful photos were taken by shawn poynter.  the two crappy ones were taken by me.


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