‘Tis the Season, Y’all: Decor

7 Dec

In case you’ve managed to avoid me talking about our cats like the crazy cat owner I fear I’m becoming, we recently got a new kitten.  She’s cute and very sweet, but also quite destructive.  I know that this is not her fault, that shes’ simply curious and playful and has a hard time understanding why we don’t want her crawling around every surface in the house and using everything we own as her personal toy. For her first few weeks here, when she broke a huge glass picture frame, stold food right off our plates and got ahold of my air plants no matter where I put them, I started to really question the sanity of people who voluntarily bring little furry beasts into their houses and let them run amuck.  But she’s getting better.

Olive the kitten staring down at Goose the mighty

She’s still rambunctious enough, though, that we worried about getting a Christmas tree.  I’m an optimist, and I still say there’s a 95% chance she’d knock our tree over within hours of our putting it up.  So, we compromised.  I’d wanted to get a living tree anyway so that we could eventually plant it in our backyard, so Shawn picked up a small potted fir and we put it on our mantle, securing it to the wall with some twine and hooks in case kitten finds a way to get up there.  As of this blog post, she has caused no damage.

Kitten proof?

photos by Shawn Poynter


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