Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

17 Dec

First of all, welcome to those of you who found me through Apartment Therapy!  Nice to meet you, new friends.  I should mention that the photos featured on Apartment Therapy and throughout this blog (that is, all the good pictures featured on this) were taken by Shawn Poynter, an amazing photographer who doubles as my boyfriend in his spare time.  Now on to wrapping paper!

I’m fully in the throws of a stamp-carving obsession, so it naturally follows that this year I hand-stamped my own wrapping paper.  I carved some simple stamps, bought a pad of 18 x 24 inch paper and stamped the heck out of it.  I’m so pleased with how it looks and it was super fast and easy.  I still have a ton of blank paper left, so I’ll never be out of wrapping paper as it’s just a few stamps away.

If you don’t feel like investing in stamp-making materials, you can always make potato stamps that will look just as beautiful and if you don’t want to buy a big tablet, I bet stamping newspapers would look lovely.


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