Organize a Photo Exchange

20 Dec

My dad has seven brothers and sisters, most of whom gather in St. Lous where they all grew up for Christmas.  Since buying that many gifts gets a little pricey, it was decided years ago that a gift exchange was the easiest, cheapest and least stressful way to handle holiday gift giving.  As my sister and I got older, we joined the exchange, somtimes mailing our gifts to St. Louis when we couldn’t make it there for Christmas.  Through the years, though, there seem to be more folks that can’t make the trek and it’s gotten too complicated to make sure all the gifts are mailed to their appropriate destinations by Christmastime.  This year the family powers that be decided to limit the exchange to those who’d actually be in St. Louis for Christmas, but didn’t want to leave out those of us who won’t be able to make it.  The solution?  A family photo exchange.  My grandmother, father, seven aunts and uncles, three cousins, sister and I are all going to send 14 copies of a photo of ourselves (and significant others, where applicable) to my grandmother, who will then distribute them to each of us.  I’m so looking forward to getting a big fat package of family photos in the mail. Shawn and I selected this little gem from our holiday party this year:

If you’re going to be missing family this holiday season, consider organizing an exchange like this one for Christmas or the New Year.  You could modify it for a similar and equally inexpensive exchange by suggesting a recipe swap, poem swap or favorite memories from the year swap.  Exchange away!


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