Make Your Own Terrarium

8 Jan

In case you haven’t noticed, terrariums are SO IN right now.  You can hardly visit a trendy design or DIY blog without finding a post about someone making a lightbulb or glass ornament or hookah into a terrarium.  I’ve always loved them– as a kid I was fascinated with all things tiny- my aunt’s collection of miniatures, with making dioramas for school and with the teeny contained worlds of terrariums.  While I can confidently and smuggly say that I liked terrariums before they were cool (and yes, I’m planning on making a t-shirt that says just that), I haven’t made one of my very own until recently, when I happened upon an adorable mushroom-shaped vessel at Chicago’s coolest overpriced antique store, Roost.  I was waiting to do something with it when I visited Erin’s Meadow Herb Farm and managed to pick up some moss.  Oh moss, how I love thee!  All I needed was some plant life, so I bought a small aloe plant and grabbed an air plant I had lying around the house (and yes, it was literally lying around the house since kitten loves to kidnap and torture my air plants for pleasure) and arranged the aloe, moss and air plant just so.  Looking at my terrarium after it was finished, I realized that while it was pretty darn cute, something was missing.  I rummaged through my own miniature collection (modeled after that of my aforementioned aunt) and happened upon a sweet little deer figure.  In she went and my terrarium was complete.

One Response to “Make Your Own Terrarium”

  1. Kathy Burke Mihalczo January 9, 2011 at 9:15 pm #

    Look for our class on “Making a Terrarium” this Spring at Erin’s Meadow Herb Farm!

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